Parade Floats, Festival & Event Services

Since 1977 millions of people all over North America have enjoyed the unique creations of SCI 3.2.  This company specializes in parade floats, theatrical lighting, exhibits, stage productions, décor, and props. When you have a great idea but not a clue how to accomplish it then it’s time to call SCI 3.2.


This is a unique business where one-of-a-kind creations are custom manufactured for specific events, locations, or clients.  In addition, to being unique, each innovation needs to be stunning, often functional, and always engaging to the viewers/audience, but underneath the surface beauty, each structure must also be engineered and built to the highest safety standards and tested for safety and functionality.



The SCI 3.2 team includes experienced and professional designers, sculptors, animators, engineers, welders, mechanics and an army of dedicated volunteers all working in synergy to coax magical, fantastic, creations out of mountains of inert material.

It’s like watching a phoenix rising out of the ashes.


So think about it….where would you go to find a twenty five foot, animated, potato salad eating, jaw dropping, alligator with scales made of brussle sprouts and artichoke pedals?  Where would you go to get six huge polar bears covered from nose to rump in bottle caps, or a huge purple hippopotamus, or a 15’ tiger jumping through a fiery hoop?


Some people smash a bottle to launch a vessel, others cut a ribbon to open a new facility, but Mark Zuckerberg opened the doors to a new Facebook office by lighting up a 2’ x 3’ “LIKE” button by pressing it.  So where would you go, to get a realistic, operational, three dimensional “like” button?


SCI 3.2 has been creating commercial displays, exhibits, props, scenery, and theatrical sets and lighting for decades and what may seem impossible to you is just another day at the office at SCI 3.2.


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