If you can image it, we can make it real

SCI 3.2 creative staff have worked with Sesame Street, Coca-Cola, Will Vinton, Alaska Airlines, US Bank, Southwest Airlines, Disney, Facebook, Reser's Fine Foods, Farmers Insurance and many other nationally recognized corporations and organizations to create floral parade floats, inflated floats, commercial displays, amazing exhibits, festival events, sets, lighting effects, and jaw dropping props and displays.

They continue to push the boundaries of innovative technology to engage, entertain, and amaze their clients and their client's audiences. You can see an award winning example of their cutting edge creativity in the Ripper video at the bottom of this page, or click on the parade floats link below to view the last 5 years of Rose Festival Floral floats, ranging from whimsical to heartwarming. 

In the parade section, you can also watch a video of how a float is built or watch another video of a finished animated float as it moves along the parade route. 

The folks at SCI 3.2 like to say, "if you can image it they can create it," and the portfolio page is just a small sample of the breadth of their creativity.

Exhibits & Decor

SCi 3.2′s scene shop offers all the services you need to make your exhibit or display extraordinary. We have complete facilities for woodwork, metal fabrication, painting and sculpting, and a staff of lighting designers, sound designers, and mechanical animators to enhance your project with environmental effects and animatronics. Click on an image for an enlarged view.

Commercial Displays

Do you need an oversized 3D feature to dominate your next trade show?  Using a hotwire 3D Foam CNC cutter, the staff at Sci3.2 can quickly sculpt anything you can imagine out of Geofoam or Styrofoam to bring your vision to life.


The process is no longer limited by the time constraints and imperfections of hand carving blocks of foam.


Imagine a perfectly symmetrical 6' ball, or stack of balls, or symmetrical Grecian columns or realistic life-like figures, architectural facades, props or backdrops.  Bring your tradeshow attendees into your booth under a life-size and life-like archway of a castle gate or let them gaze up at a 20' high 3D model of your logo.


There are so many ways to use these tools: 3D foam sculpting can be used to create ….

  • 3D indoor or outdoor signs,
  • architectural motifs,
  • point of purchase displays,
  • theatrical props, scenic design, and backdrops,
  • parade float components,
  • architectural models,
  • concrete and metal castings,
  • exhibits, industrial models, and prototyping,
  • and Sci-fi characters for the movie industry.


Do you need a 20' long Airplane fuselage, or an 8' Orca Whale that is light enough to haul with a pick-up truck?


If you can imagine it, we can create it, at any scale.

Call Sci3.2 today to talk about your 3D modeling needs.




SCi 3.2 has the artists, studio mechanics, and facilities to produce the high-quality scenery and effects your project deserves. We have created scenery for theatrical productions and special events for more than 30 years and when new technology becomes available to enhance your creative project we bring that on-board as soon as possible to ensure that you have access to the newest and latest creative tools.






Finally, your NEXT theatrical productions can have the sets and props of your dreams.  The staff at Sci3.2 is now creating realistic life-like and perfectly proportioned props using their new Hotwire 3D foam cutting tool.  It's infinitely faster and more accurate than hand sculpting Styrofoam or Geofoam and is limited only by your imagination. These finished theatrical components are both light weight and durable.


Do you need a realistic 30' dinosaur, a row of perfectly symmetrical marble columns, or a unique architectural representation of an 18th century English village to make your next production come to life?


Using the power of a computer program, the highly trained Sci3.2 staff will cut out 3D props (at any scale) from blocks of Architectural foam, Geofoam, and/or Styrofoam. The technique is fast and accurate, and every block of foam maintains the perfect proportions of the whole construction to create massive finished scenic designs and props with no distortion.


What was only a dream a few years ago is now a reality.

Call Sci3.2 today to talk about your ideas for your next production.


Another innovation available to you from Sci3.2:  Kenetic Scenery Technology - You can see an example of its use by clicking on the Video demonstration below entitled "Ripper".

"Ripper" Video

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